lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Nueva versión de kernel "SiyahKernel v3.0beta7"


  • LZO compression for faster booting
  • SLQB
  • Charge current interface (thanks to Entropy512). You can now use currentwidget to see how fast your devices is being charged.
  • Tegrak’s 2ndCore app support (thanks to pulser_g2@XDA) + ExTweaks interface to disable/enable/force hotplugging second core.
  • arm topology support (sched_mc) from linaro
  • enabled last_kmesg
  • lowered GPU lowest voltage level to 800mV
  • fixed hotplug rate setting in ExTweaks
  • removed autocopying of liblights for CM9 and clones. I will provide separate lights library for those ROMs
  • removed ntfs-3g binary from the kernel because we exceed 8MB size with LZO compression which is the fastest one. I’ll provide it as a CWM-flashable zip later.
  • fixed blank screen problem with custom dpi on cm9 based ROMs.
  • disabled MTP support for CM9 ROMs temporarily. use this app to get mass storage working on CM9:
  • fixed low benchmark with higher frequencies

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