viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Nueva versión de kernel "SiyahKernel v3.0beta6"

Nueva versión de kernel "SiyahKernel v3.0beta6"

I recommend you to reset extweaks settings from CWM Recovery advanced menu after flashing this kernel.


  • removed some tweaks to have better performance (sounds weird? yes, it does)
  • rebooting into download mode with cm9 phone options menu (holding the power button) is now working (yes, I am on CM9 now)
  • “Reset customconfig profiles” in CWM recovery “advanced” menu.
  • XZ compression
  • fixed MTP problem in CyanogenMod. (Thanks to codeworkx. Although I didn’t do exactly what he suggested his suggestion made this possible). I hope I didn’t break Samsung part 
  • fixed adb in recovery mode
  • optimized CRC algorithm
  • removed powersave and userspace governors
  • enabled IKCONFIG

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